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¡Celebra Colombia!

This Thursday, we celebrate the independence of one of our fondest coffee growing nations; Colombia! A country with a fascinating history and rich culture, it’s

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Burundi Limited Reserve

Let it be broadcasted; we’re boastfully bringing you a brand-new Burundi brew! Aside from exploiting an excuse for excessive alliteration (for weekly alliterations and more,

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Size Matters!

  Size Matters   Many people don’t realize the significance a certain type of coffee cup has to the flavoring of the coffee. It can

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Tab #1

In Feb. 2020 owners Gary and Colleen Meyer traveled to Costa Rica to sample some special small farm coffee. There they signed a bag of beans and it traveled the globe from port to port and reached their loading dock in June. In July they roasted it and served in in their store. This farm to cup story was possible in part to their relationship with Cafe Imports, one of their green coffee bean distributors in Minneapolis Minnesota.

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