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Burundi Limited Reserve

Let it be broadcasted; we’re boastfully bringing you a brand-new Burundi brew! Aside from exploiting an excuse for excessive alliteration (for weekly alliterations and more,

Out with the cold, in with the Brew! I’m talking about cold brew! As sure as we are of the coming warm sunny days, we

Happy Saint Patricks Day! While you may not be appropriately licensed to serve traditional Irish Coffees to your morning commuters (nor would it be advisable),

Size Matters!

  Size Matters   Many people don’t realize the significance a certain type of coffee cup has to the flavoring of the coffee. It can

  The world of coffee is growing every year. We are now in a time where home brewing is becoming extremely popular. But not just

How to Brew Coffee at Home

How to Brew Coffee at Home There is nothing wrong with Kcups, they are widely accepted and meet most people’s needs. But if you are

What’s your coffee shop aesthetic? Just like our own personal style and preference every coffee shop can have its own aesthetic that it identifies with.

Honey Processing

Honey processing is a very particular way to process coffee. Once the coffee is harvested, the skin of the fruit is removed, this is called


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In Feb. 2020 owners Gary and Colleen Meyer traveled to Costa Rica to sample some special small farm coffee. There they signed a bag of beans and it traveled the globe from port to port and reached their loading dock in June. In July they roasted it and served in in their store. This farm to cup story was possible in part to their relationship with Cafe Imports, one of their green coffee bean distributors in Minneapolis Minnesota.

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