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Size Matters!


Size Matters


Many people don’t realize the significance a certain type of coffee cup has to the flavoring of the coffee. It can be easily overlooked especially when most to go cups are the same shape and material. But there is a reason why many local coffee shops have several different cup shapes, sizes and sometimes even material.


Typical coffee mugs that you would find in majority of people’s homes really do not give the coffee justice. They are solely meant to keep the drinker safe from the hot liquid. The typical coffee drinker would like to be safe from the hot liquid while also not have to warm their cup up after 15 minutes because their coffee cooled to much. That’s when the material itself and thickness of it has a huge effect on the temperature of your favorite hot drink. Our friends at Klean Kanteen have really helped out when it comes to this issue. They make insulated coffee canisters and cups that keep your drinks hot for 30 hours and cold for 100 hours.


Another growing subject in the coffee world is latte art. Have you ever noticed it doesn’t always come as second nature even for experienced baristas? The cup you are trying to use can have a huge impact on how well and easy latte art is. When it comes to creating latte art, the curvature in the inside of the cup is what matters most.


Similar to wine glasses, coffee cups use very fine tuned engineering to create the best coffee tasting experience, and no one does it better than Not Neutral! They’ve studied everything for the ergonomics of grip and with coffee cup handles down to the interaction of a drinkers nose and the cups mouth during a sip.