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Celebrate with spirits, no liquor-license needed!

Happy Saint Patricks Day! While you may not be appropriately licensed to serve traditional Irish Coffees to your morning commuters (nor would it be advisable), there are certainly ways to provide the festive cocktail flavors your customers enjoy with your fresh-brewed coffee. We have several spirit-inspired flavored coffees, from decadent classics like Amaretto, Brandy Old Fashioned, Butter Rum and Irish Creme, to creative combinations like Bourbon Pecan, Highlander Grog, Jamaican Me Crazy and White Russian, to name a few.


The real show-stopper though, is our Whiskey Barrel-Aged Coffee. We take a special blend of green coffee beans from mostly African origin and barrel-age them in Templeton Rye whisky barrels for 4 weeks. By partnering with our local Templeton Distillery, we ensure that the refined craft quality is carried through the last careful minutes of roasting to the fresh bag in your coffee shipment. With flavors of dark chocolate, rye whiskey, spice and toffee, people enjoy this coffee cold-brewed, hot-brewed and iced!