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Burundi Limited Reserve

Let it be broadcasted; we’re boastfully bringing you a brand-new Burundi brew!

Aside from exploiting an excuse for excessive alliteration (for weekly alliterations and more, subscribe to our wholesale newsletter!), I implore you to check out his fantastic Friedrichs Limited Reserve coffee from the Kayanza province of Burundi. This specially-selected, hand-harvested crop is processed naturally, meaning that the coffee beans undergo a careful duration of full-immersion in the fruit before being pulped and sent to us for roasting. We take this coffee to an artisanally-monitored medium-light roast, which showcases the cupping notes of grape, plum, molasses, herbal and citrus acidity. The flavors cascade in a dynamic body, with an alluring aroma that’s sure to captivate the hearts and tastebuds of all who partake.

Origin – Kayanza, Burundi
Roast Level – Medium Light
Farm – Gahahe Processing Station
Process – Natural

Description – Sweetness of plum, molasses and grape with notes of herbal and citrus acidity culminate in this well-balanced brew.