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Coffee Preferences: How to brew in your own home


The world of coffee is growing every year. We are now in a time where home brewing is becoming extremely popular. But not just brewing your morning coffee, now it is also easy to have espresso at home and even your own cold brew! The question most people have when starting out brewing at home is what kind of beans to use for each brew? That’s what will we discuss now.

When it comes to cold brewing you can really use any kind of roast you want. Some prefer a light roast because they generally like lighter roast coffee, and notes that it brings. Something to know about cold brew though, is that you don’t always get the same fruity or floral notes you would if the light roast coffee was brewed hot. That’s generally why a darker roast is used. The nutty, chocolatey notes you tend to get from a darker roast can still be prominent in a cold brew. There are many different cold brew devices and methods available now but you can start as simple as filling a french press with your favorite coffee and cold water and steep it in the fridge over night for the morning!
Making espresso is again, really your preference on what roast to use. Something to be noted, light roast does tend to have a higher level of caffeine in it. So if that is the sole purpose for making your espresso then that may be the route you want to take. Generally at most cafes there are options for dark or light roast espresso but the one used, if not specified would be the darker. It is also common for coffee roasters to make blends specifically geared towards espresso, by using their current coffee inventories to hit a specific flavor profile with each roast. And while it may not be the exact same origin of coffee used each time, they aim to create that same profile each and every time.

A common misconception about coffee is that certain coffees are roasted for espresso, while other coffees are roasted for cold, drip coffee, etc. This isn’t true, as all coffees have the ability to be great in any preparation method. You could do something like take a single origin Ethiopian coffee, and make a pourover and get a fruity coffee with acidic undertones result. Then take that same Ethiopia and make a cold brew and get a balanced and sweet result, or take it to an espresso machine and get a taste unlike the others. Each method of brewing has it’s own purpose and ability to make a great cup of coffee!

The great thing about home brewing is that it’s completely up to you. You can trial and error until you find the perfect roast to use for your perfect drink.