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Out with the Cold, in with the Brew

Out with the cold, in with the Brew!

I’m talking about cold brew! As sure as we are of the coming warm sunny days, we can be certain there will be plenty of cold-brew coffee drinkers coming out of hibernation (and likely paying you a very thirsty visit)! While we can supply you with our widely popular Cold Brew Blend, we encourage people to try out our other coffees cold-brewed as well. Ethiopian coffees seem to be a common industry pick, but sometimes a lighter American coffee like Guatemala or Brazil can give you remarkably juicy notes! Try experimenting with a few different coffees this spring to find your cafe’s favorite!


If you’ve never done cold brew before and don’t know where to start, give us a call at 888-612-5050. We’re happy to walk you through our process and share tips, strategies, and recipes for you to try. Every shop is different (as good coffee drinkers are justifiably picky!), but we’re committed to help you find the best coffee for cold brew to make a splash in your cafe this season!