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What’s the Tea? – Part One

[fullwidth_text alt_background=”none” width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”] When we ask, “What’s the tea?” we’re not looking for gossip — we want to talk about actual tea! What are the basic styles of tea? Does shelf life change between tea varieties? What is the best strategy for selling shelved tea in a café? Grab some honey, because we’ve […]

Host with the Most

[fullwidth_text alt_background=”none” width=”2/3″ el_position=”first”] Hosting events in your café can increase foot traffic, boost sales and generate free word-of-mouth advertising. Partnering with organizations or charities to host events in your café also develops relationships that will benefit your café and your partners. … But what about nonpaying individuals? People who come to your events just […]

A Few Tips on Tips

[spb_text_block pb_margin_bottom=”no” pb_border_bottom=”no” width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”] What is the appropriate way to tip a barista? Similar questions are constantly asked in the service industry for like positions. Though tipping at a café can feel a bit awkward, it’s a custom that is becoming increasingly ingrained in American culture. Some customers tip for exemplary service, others […]

Word to the Wi-Fi Wise

[spb_text_block pb_margin_bottom=”no” pb_border_bottom=”no” width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”] We currently live in a world that prioritizes staying connected digitally over nearly everything else. After all, if you didn’t Instagram your drink design, did you even have a latte? So, does that make it necessary to offer Wi-Fi in your café? We would argue yes. Whether you choose […]

Just how important is the packaging for your beans?

[spb_single_image image=”16969″ image_size=”full” frame=”noframe” lightbox=”no” link_target=”_self” fullwidth=”no” width=”1/2″ el_position=”first”][/spb_single_image] [spb_text_block pb_margin_bottom=”no” pb_border_bottom=”no” width=”1/2″ el_position=”last”] Many cafe owners know that there is a certain loyalty exhibited when a customer purchases beans from your cafe to make at home. It’s a proud moment when a customer enjoys quality coffee to the extent that they are compelled to […]

The season is here

[fullwidth_text alt_background=”none” width=”2/3″ el_position=”first”] You can probably tell by the weather, or the music, or the décor; that it is time for the Holidays! Whether you are like Cindy Lou Who or the Grinch, it is hard not to notice the change in your everyday atmosphere when we near this season. You probably already know, […]

3 mysteries about cafes – Solved!

[spb_text_block pb_margin_bottom=”no” pb_border_bottom=”no” width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”] Among all of the fad and unique offerings that cafes use to seduce you through their doors, let’s look at a few that we can explain pretty easily. There are some common techniques that we hope you can better appreciate, and potentially add to your cafe experience. [/spb_text_block] [blank_spacer […]

’Tis the Season

[fullwidth_text alt_background=”none” width=”2/3″ el_position=”first”] Pumpkin spice is a popular topic in the café world when autumn rolls around each year. Some truly enjoy the fall-inspired flavor while others enjoy teasing those pumpkin spice lovers. Whether you can’t get enough pumpkin-y comfort, or you dread its predictable and basic arrival, seasonal drinks can serve an important […]

Employee Relations

Raise your hand if you’ve ever WANTED to work with your best friend. Now raise hand if you HAVE ever worked with her best friend. Have you ever vouched for a friend, begged your manager to hire them, told them “we are hiring at the coffee shop, you should work with me!” Many of us […]

How to begin a thriving drive through cafe.

[fullwidth_text alt_background=”none” width=”2/3″ el_position=”first”] It’s no doubt that from a business perspective, a drive through is a massive value add. We all want to create an unique and memorable experience within our cafe. And we don’t want to compromise this through leveraging a drive through, but I submit that the Pareto principle be applied to […]