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Host with the Most

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Hosting events in your café can increase foot traffic, boost sales and generate free word-of-mouth advertising. Partnering with organizations or charities to host events in your café also develops relationships that will benefit your café and your partners.

… But what about nonpaying individuals? People who come to your events just to check out any giveaway possibilities then take off once they’ve gotten free goods or decide there is nothing to be gained? Do they make a negative impact that brings down the positive effect of an event in your café?

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No Pay? OK!

At any given time, there are likely freeloading customers in your café. These individuals —  whose purchases to time spent and space taken ratio is off balance — could be doing any number of things from working to schoolwork to just hanging out. Though this category of customer may not be the top income-generating group, they have a valuable role in café culture. It stands to reason these same types of customers will show up at events and still have a place, even if they purchase nothing. They’re the customers who always show up and show support for your café.

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Let’s Get Together

Hosting events will do several important things for your café. Drumming up new business, freshening things up for repeat customers, creating an exciting atmosphere for employees and bolstering sales are just a few of the ways events can positively affect your café. Events are also an inexpensive way to promote your café in an authentic way that resonates with people.

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Though there is a level of frustration in freeloaders and space-taking customers, the benefits of hosting an event outweigh these slight annoyances. We suggest partnering with a charity or organization that aligns with the values of your café and its customers to continue building your brand, forming meaningful and lasting relationships with reciprocal benefits and reinforcing those values with customers who share them.