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The season is here

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You can probably tell by the weather, or the music, or the décor; that it is time for the Holidays! Whether you are like Cindy Lou Who or the Grinch, it is hard not to notice the change in your everyday atmosphere when we near this season. You probably already know, things pick up around the coffee shop in the last 2 months of the year. People want their hot coffee in the morning, noon, and night. Take advantage of this crazy time; rake in those tip and show your holiday spirit to those casual customers- they may just turn into everyday regulars that help you stay busy in your slower months. And get yourself trained up on the different varieties of holiday flavored coffees. They seem to fly off the shelf this time, so being able to help customers find the taste they are looking for will definitely come in hand.

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Gift Cards!

Another reason why your coffee shop may be so busy is due to the demand for gift cards. We have all been there, no time to shop for each person and the easiest way to solve this dilemma is to buy a gift card for something you know they will love. Below are some helpful tips that may make gift card issuing easier for everyone.

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 Three ways to make sure your prepared for the “gift card rush”

1.       Make sure all baristas are trained on how to issue gift cards. The last thing you want is have to stop everything you are doing to show a new employee how to issue one in the middle of a rush. Train them during a slow time as soon as you can.

2.       Have gift cards readily available on the counter to remind customers. Often times people are in a rush and forget they need to grab one. This will be a friendly noninvasive, reminder to them.

3.       Offer gift cards in the drive through. “And do you need to purchase any gift cards today?” saying this quick verbiage to your customers will be helpful because they may not even think about it until you say something.

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Always Remember

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Always remember to have fun! After all “This is the most wonderful time of the year” so decorate and get in the holiday spirit, I promise it will make The Rush of Holiday Season easier.