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Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

  It’s officially October and we all know what that means… pumpkin suddenly becomes life.  If you haven’t started serving pumpkin flavored things your customers will soon be requesting it. It’s the season of fall and everyone’s favorite time to enjoy that distinctive taste of pumpkin in multiple forms whether it’s in coffee, muffins, pies […]

School is Back in Session!

When a new school year begins, things change for everyone involved. Whether it’s the high school kids that can drive now, or the college kid that is living away from home, or the parents getting up early to take their kids to school. Most of the time people are waking up earlier and out of […]

Origin Story

Co-founders Gary and Colleen Meyer talk about the origins of Friedrichs Coffee.

Cafe Macchiato

Adam, our manager at our 42nd street shop makes a first class Cafe Macchiato!

Roasting Day

Here’s a behind the scenes look at our roasting operations.

The Family Business

Friedrichs is a family owned business and run by not only our founders Gary and Colleen Meyer, but their children are also very involved.