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What’s Your Favorite Espresso Drink?

What’s your favorite espresso drink?
There are so many creations that can be made in the coffee world. Many people are unaware of what goes into all of the drinks listed on the menus they are ordering from. Here is a brief break down of some of the more popular drinks at coffee shops.


In case you didn’t know, mocha means chocolate! Mochas can be made with any kind of chocolate including milk, dark, or white chocolate. Another popular option is an Aztec Mocha which uses Aztec Cocoa mix, similar to a spiced hot chocolate powder. Like most coffee drinks, the other ingredients are milk of your choice and espresso. You can always add different flavored syrups to a mocha to make a more unique drink. Common ones would be caramel, peppermint, and even marshmallow. Mochas can be hot by steaming milk or iced.
Caramel Latte


Lattes are a very common drink served at all coffee shops. They can be the most simple espresso drinks or the most intricate of drinks.
Lattes are made up of espresso, milk, topped with a small amount of foam, then can have added flavors of any sort. The difference from a mocha is that lattes do not have chocolate in them. Like mochas, lattes can be hot or iced.


This is a common term that many people, whether your a coffee drinker or not, have heard of. Do you know what cappuccinos consist of? Like lattes, cappuccinos have espresso, but consist of more foam and less steamed milk. A true cappuccino typically does not have any extra flavoring like mochas and some lattes do.



We have likely heard of the infamous “Caramel Macchiato” thats available at popular coffee shop chains, but a true macchiato is very different then that suggested sugared drink. Macchiatos are espresso and microfoam milk. Micofoaming milk is steaming it to the point that it makes a light foam that you can actually scoop on to the top of the espresso shots. Macchiatos are the strongest in coffee taste.
Whatever your taste preference is, there are so many things you can do and create with espresso. Now you may have more of an understanding of what goes into every drink.