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Customer Service

In this day in age, time is everything. As a barista, you also have the ability to make a person’s day, along with a good tip and a lifelong customer, just by making  their trip to your coffee shop, stressless, personal, and time efficient!



Some people will want to hang around for a couple of hours reading a good book in the corner. Or maybe a new found coffee lover wants to know the in and outs about cold brew. You can master the answer by reading up on the process and be ready with an answer, share that knowledge!


Then we have those that will be in a hurry and only have exactly 118 seconds to order their drink and be back in their car on the way to work. We always want to ensure the interaction a customer has is personal and great, even if it’s as simple as saying “Enjoy and have a great day!” 


It is your duty to make sure whatever time frame the customer wants, they get. Think about it, what an easy way to make a person feel awesome. Ask that book worm if they want a refill, tell that coffee lover about Nitro, or get that “blue collar always in a hurry” guy on his way with 20 seconds to spare!