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Honey Processing

Honey processing is a very particular way to process coffee. Once the coffee is harvested, the skin of the fruit is removed, this is called “depulping”. Unlike the washed process method, where the fruit is completely removed, or the natural/dry process, where none of the fruit is removed, honey processing leaves a bit of the […]

Costa Rica Feb 2020 Trip

  In Feb. 2020 owners Gary and Colleen Meyer traveled to Costa Rica to sample some special small farm coffee. There they signed a bag of beans and it traveled the globe from port to port and reach their loading dock in June. In July they roasted it and served in in their store. This […]

Origin Story

Co-founders Gary and Colleen Meyer talk about the origins of Friedrichs Coffee.

Roasting Day

Here’s a behind the scenes look at our roasting operations.

The Family Business

Friedrichs is a family owned business and run by not only our founders Gary and Colleen Meyer, but their children are also very involved.